Dumac has issued both Electrical & Mechanical designs for the Mount Saint Vincent University 2 Melody Dr Research Building Renovation.

This project consisted of a 9,000 square foot renovation of the former Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The project converted the upper level of the church to research labs, a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) lab and office space for Mount Saint Vincent University. Dumac Energy provided complete mechanical and electrical design services which included the design of specialized lab mechanical ventilation and control systems. The mechanical and electrical design for this complex renovation was delivered within a very stringent timeline.

Key Features:

The mechanical systems included a variable volume 100% outside air unit with pre-conditioning supplying air to all lab spaces. Dedicated fume hood exhaust systems included plume style fume exhaust fans, specialty ductwork systems, terminal units and controls. A dedicated computer room style air conditioning system was employed to maintain the space conditions for specific labs within very strict tolerances.  Office spaces were served by an HVAC system utilizing a dedicated outside air unit coupled with variable refrigeration flow (VRF) heat pumps for each zone. Several energy sources were modeled using Carrier E-20 energy and building load analysis software.

The design included an energy efficient lighting and control system incorporating LED luminaires for all areas. Power and electrical distribution tied to the existing service upgraded by Dumac in 2008 which was designed to handle additional upgrades and renovations

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