Bluenose Academy- DUMAC & WHW Architects team up again to persue LEED Gold certification

Surrounded by community recreation facilities and just a short walk from Lunenburg’s UNESCO World Heritage zone, the Bluenose Academy draws on the town’s rich architectural heritage in providing a contemporary, state-of-the-art educational facility for over 500 students.


The design offers views to the harbour and historic Lunenburg Academy from many significant vantage points in its three-storey academic wing. A saw tooth configuration gives a domestic scale to the building and reinvents corridors as learning space opportunities.


Aspiring to LEED Gold, the building has a high performance envelope and incorporates solar air, solar thermal and solar PV technology. Locally manufactured wood pellets, a renewable resource, will provide much of the space heating. A green roof to harvest rainwater and low flow fixtures will help reduce water consumption.


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752 Bedford Hwy, Suite 210, Halifax, NS, B3M 2L9 Google Map FAX 902.457.1777 TEL 902.457.1300